We are with you through your journey to long-term recovery.
Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people with opiate dependency gain control of their lives by improving their physical, mental, and emotional health in a supportive, compassionate environment without judgment.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to build trustworthy relationships with each of our patients and offer them a warm, non-judgmental, and healthy environment wherein they can receive treatment and recover. Our professionals work with integrity, dedication, and compassion, offering their knowledge and expertise to help patients make a positive change in their lives by overcoming their addictions and mental health conditions.

Who We Are

Fresh Start Clinic is a team of medical professionals dedicated to helping people with addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario. We have multiple clinic locations found throughout Southwestern Ontario. Our lead physicians, Dr. Rajinder Gill and Dr. Robert Fallis have over 30 years of combined experience assisting patients struggling with addiction to drugs. We believe everyone Deserves a Fresh Start.

What We Do

We help people with drug problems to “get their lives back.” Our main focus is opioid use disorders, but we have decades of experience with other addictions and mental health concerns as well. Our focus is on evidenced-based addiction treatment.  This includes harm reduction services, basic medical care, and coordination of care options with community partners. We believe in quality of care and treating patients with dignity and respect. We remove the stigma in the treatment of addiction.

Physicians Bio

At Fresh Start Clinic, our physicians are well-trained and highly capable to serve individuals with substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. They are experienced in treating numerous individuals in the community, working closely with them in achieving long-term sobriety. They continuously learn up-to-date approaches on how to further improve treatment, so more and more people can achieve healing and get their fresh start.

About Dr. Fallis MD
Dr. Fallis has a 34 year history as practicing physician. While first training and specializing in Family Medicine, he soon expanded his scope to inclide the Emergency Department, Urgent Care Medicine, Medical Clinic Design and Development and Medical Teaching. He was, for 8 years, the Medical Expert for CityLine, the most popular daytime talk show in Canada. He wrote two Canadian best selling books on healthcare under the Your Home Doctor banner. For the past 18 years he has provided care to patients as a specialist physician in Addiction Medicine.
About Dr. Gill
Fresh Start Clinic started from the desire to provide uncompromised care to people with opiate dependency. As an Emergency Physician at Hamilton Health Sciences, Dr. Gill witnessed the profound lack of resources available to people with dependencies. There was a desperate need for those suffering from addiction issues to access care in the community rather than wait repeatedly for hours in the emergency department.

Often encountering frustrated yet well-intentioned doctors who lacked the resources to help these individuals, Dr. Gill decided to initiate community-based addiction treatment programs to help address the increasing demand for it. Dr. Gill is proud to be one of the first ones to initiate it in the community. As an early provider of treatment with methadone in the community, Dr. Gill paved the way for others as he has trained and mentored numerous other doctors over the past 20 years.

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