Common Risk Factors for Mental Conditions

It’s ultimately easier to achieve a happier life when your mental wellness is at its best. Mental illnesses can severely impact our lives, with many cases leading to dysfunctional lifestyles, substance abuse disorders, and even self-harm.

Providing mental care and interventions has given us a deeper understanding of how some mental conditions develop. Let’s discuss some risk factors you can look out for that can heighten your risk of developing these conditions.

  • Highly Stressful Situations 

    Stress, in itself, is not inherently a bad thing, as it is how our body normally responds to difficult situations. However, it does become a threat to our mental health when it becomes chronic and intense. Highly stressful situations like financial trouble, homelessness, or family issues can all contribute to the risk of developing mental conditions.

  • Genetics

    Some people may have a stronger genetic predisposition to develop mental illnesses like addiction. Understanding your family history regarding mental illnesses is important to identify your genetic risks.

  • Traumatic Experiences 

    When performing a comprehensive assessment in Ontario, we also witness the effects of traumatic experiences on our mental wellness. Traumatic experiences can include abuse, neglect, or going through near-death situations. These unfortunate situations can lead to a range of mental problems.

  • Social Isolation Or Ostracization 

    We are social beings by nature. Our mental wellness will suffer when deprived of this incredibly vital need. For this reason, social isolation and ostracization can deeply hurt our mental wellness.

Our professionals here at Fresh Start Clinic have the skills, knowledge, and compassion to help you overcome these factors. We offer a range of mental health care and addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario, to help you stay mentally strong. Feel free to call us for your inquiries. 

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