Helping Your Loved Ones with Drug Addiction

Helping Your Loved Ones with Drug Addiction

It is difficult to assist loved ones who are struggling with drug addiction, let alone encourage them to seek substance abuse treatment. While you may not have a magic formula or a button that would make them stop what they are doing, there are a few things you can do to help.

  • Educate yourself and your loved ones.

    Addiction is a complex problem that greatly affects mental health. You don’t have to know everything, but you should be familiar with the subject of addiction. Know the signs of drug addiction so that you don’t overlook them in your loved ones. Learn about the impact of drug addiction on people and the resources that are available to them.

  • Encourage them to join in addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario.

    It is always preferable to recognize addiction early so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. This will help in keeping bad things from happening. However, expect your loved ones to deny or find excuses for not attending therapy. Continue to encourage them to take the first step towards therapy and recovery.

  • Help them on their journey.

    The recovery process is a long one. Beginning with the drug treatment facility and ending with the re-integration of your loved ones into society. Make it a point to express your unwavering support at all times.

Our mission at Fresh Start Clinic is to assist your loved ones with appropriate interventions in returning to the right path and becoming better versions of themselves. We provide a variety of programs aimed at the rehabilitation and recovery of persons suffering from drug addiction. Call us today if you have any questions regarding our programs.

Concerned about loved ones with substance abuse disorders? Schedule a comprehensive assessment in Ontario now!

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  1. Hi, I’m asking for my son. He’s in jail at this moment , he’s in because of drugs, he’s been in jail alot, he has ADHD and the past years he’s been in and out of jail because of using and selling. He may get parole in May 2022 , when he gets out he’d like to know if you’d be able to help him. He’s been inside since February 2021, he’d like counseling when he gets out so he doesn’t go back to using. He’s 34…. Thank you

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