Join Us This Addiction Treatment Week

Join Us This Addiction Treatment Week

In 2019, only 10% of the 20.4 million people who needed substance use disorder (SUD) treatment in the past year had received it. Alarmingly, nearly 90% of rural counties lack a sufficient number of opioid treatment programs.

A community-based addiction treatment program can greatly address the increasing demand for interventions. By choosing to treat addiction at the local level, the medical community can save lives.

That is why being one of the first ones to initiate comprehensive assessment in Ontario for Mental Health, Substance Abuse Disorders, and Drug Addiction in the community is a big feat.

Treating persons with addiction is extremely rewarding. Join us for National Addiction Treatment Week from October 18-24 to inspire and save lives. Fresh Start Clinic is an addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario working closely with individuals in local communities in achieving long-term sobriety having witnessed the profound lack of resources available to people with dependencies.

Together, let’s close the critical treatment gap between the number of patients who need addiction treatment and qualified medical professionals available to treat patients using evidence-based approaches.

This week we will inspire the next generation of medical professionals, including medical students, residents, and fellows, to learn more about and treat addiction. You can do your part by spreading awareness to remove the stigma in the treatment of addiction. Likewise, you can urge medical students and residents to consider getting certified in addiction care and treatment.

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