Supporting Loved Ones in Opioid Recovery


Do you have a loved one who needs help with their recovery from opioid use? The journey to opioid recovery may not be an easy path, but with support, your loved ones can do it successfully. To support them, here are the things you can do:

  • Set and adjust your expectations
    For people dealing with opioid addiction, recovery looks different. Some may commit to total drug abstinence, while others cut back or stay mostly drug-free. As a loved one offering support, try to adjust your expectations in your loved one’s recovery journey to avoid disappointments and frustrations.
  • Get them to explore new interests
    The journey to recovery can lead to plenty of extra time to fill in your loved one’s daily schedule. And it may be tempting to slip back into old habits, making your efforts and professional interventions useless. To help them avoid this, encourage them to start a new sport or hobby, enroll in a class, or spend time in nature camping or hiking.
  • Seek help
    comprehensive assessment in Ontariofrom a healthcare professional helps your loved ones get a better chance of success in their journey to recovery. The more support your loved ones get, the better! Sit down with your loved one and talk to them about visiting a mental health professional, joining a counseling session, or participating in a peer support group meeting.

Fresh Start Clinic offers addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario. You can count on us to help your loved ones overcome your use of opioids. Our experts utilize different techniques and methods that will slowly but surely help them overcome their addiction to opioids. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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