The Mechanism of Drug Addiction

The Mechanism of Drug Addiction

The reasons behind drug addiction may vary from person to person. But somehow, the same root pattern can be traced. It usually starts in the brain where compulsion of some sort tricks people to try something ‘new’, feed their curiosity, or simply escape reality for pleasure. Then, the chemical processes kick in.

So, it really starts as a psychological curveball for most people. If you or someone you know is at risk of addiction, have him or her undergo our comprehensive assessment in Ontario. This is a gesture of care that you can show to them.

Pleasurable things cause the release of dopamine in certain areas of the brain. This is a normal occurrence and causes a healthy brain to consequently reward healthy behaviors. In contrast, when you are in danger, a healthy brain will push your body to react quickly with fear or alarm in order to avoid impending harm.

However, when a person is addicted to a substance, this normal reaction of the brain begins to work against him. Drugs can hijack the pleasure or reward circuits in the brain and trick you into wanting more in order to feel or receive the expected result.

Drugs can also impair one’s emotional-danger-sensing circuits, making the individual anxious or stressed when he or she is not taking drugs. This cycle goes on while physiological changes occur in the brain.

Therefore, you cannot simply tell an addict to ‘snap out of it’ as their brains are already suffering from changes and effects caused by the chemicals they took in. At this point, medical interventions are needed.

Call Fresh Start Clinic if you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse and addiction. Our addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario may be what you need.

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