Watch Out for the 4C’s of Addiction

Watch Out for the 4C’s of Addiction

Addiction is a term used to describe conditions that pose detrimental health effects to the one affected. When someone has a compulsive need and uses drugs despite their negative effects, s/he has a drug addiction. It could come in many forms and affect millions of people worldwide. To identify an addiction, these 4C’s are your guide.

  • Compulsion

    Compulsion is the irresistible drive to do something or take something. When that drive is not pushed through, they feel sick, depressed, or weak. For a drug addict, the only way to get rid of these feelings is to use drugs. It forms part of the early stage, where interventions can help prevent it from escalating.

  • Cravings

    On a hot summer day, we crave cold drinks or desserts. But for addicts, the cravings become part of their daily habit. If cravings are not met, they become anxious and cannot think of anything else except what they are craving. Seeking help from medical professionals is crucial when you experience a familiar feeling.

  • Consequences

    Despite the ill effects on their bodies and personal life, they continue. They do not care about the consequences as long as their addiction is satisfied.

  • Control

    Losing the sense of control is a sign that someone needs addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario. Because even when they want to, they cannot stop themselves.

Fresh Start Clinic offers a new beginning to individuals suffering from addiction. To understand your condition better, we provide a comprehensive assessment in Ontario. Then, we will identify treatments and interventions that can help

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