Drug Addiction’s Dangerous Psychological Effects

Drug Addiction's Dangerous Psychological Effects

Addiction to drugs can have social, legal, financial, physical as well as mental health implications. The psychological repercussions of drug and alcohol addiction can induce changes to your body and brain. The brain works by a delicate balance of chemicals, and even little changes can induce undesirable effects. Professional interventions are often needed to mitigate these harmful effects.

Excessive alcohol and drug can disrupt your nervous system, rewire your brain, and produces inflammation, all of which can lead to mental illness. As a provider of comprehensive assessment in Ontario, below are the dangerous effects of drug addiction:

  • Depression – Some withdrawal symptoms are similar to depressive symptoms. To overcome depression, most people require continued counseling.
  • Anxiety – Many patients with addictions are anxious about hiding their addictions from others. Often anxious persons are more inclined to use substances of abuse to help with their anxiety but other times the drugs initiate the anxiety.
  • Guilt and Shame – When you frequently feel like you’ve done something wrong, it’s easy to use drugs and alcohol to mask your difficult emotions. These unpleasant feelings drive the negative feedback loop that takes people down the path of addiction.

If you think a loved one’s conduct indicates a significant problem, call Fresh Start Clinic for further information about the drug’s emotional effects. We are a dependable provider of addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario. Let us help your loved ones treat addiction problems so they can have a better quality of life.

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