Worrying Signs That Points to Cocaine Addiction

Worrying Signs That Points to Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly powerful and extremely addictive substance. This type of stimulant drug comes in the form of a white powder that is commonly smoked, snorted, or injected for consumption. It is popularly used as a recreational drug due to its perceived positive effects on one’s energy, motivation, and mood, which can lead to drug addiction.

As a clinic specializing in addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario, we will share the signs that signify an addiction to cocaine:

  • Physical Symptoms
    Regular cocaine use can alter one’s physical appearance and cause internal physical changes over time. How these physical changes manifest depends on the method of consumption. Snorting cocaine can lead to frequent runny noses and difficulty swallowing, while smoking can increase the risk of breathing problems and respiratory illnesses.
  • Problems with Work and Finances
    Prolonged cocaine use can lead a person to miss work and fall behind on bills, resulting in financial problems. Procuring cocaine itself is illegal, which is why it comes at a higher cost. Interventions are necessary to address prolonged use and prevent future issues.
  • Social and Mood Changes
    Cocaine addiction can lead to behavioral and personality changes, such as depression and increased irritability. It can also cause or worsen mental health conditions like paranoia, anxiety, and mania. Socially, addiction can affect all kinds of relationships as it leads to secrecy, manipulative behavior, and even aggression.

Fresh Start Clinic is your partner as you embark on a journey to long-term recovery. By performing a comprehensive assessment in Ontario, our team of professionals can recommend the appropriate treatment based on your needs and goals. Set an appointment with us to get started.

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