What Are the Risk Factors for Alcohol Use Disorder?


Alcohol use disorder involves a pattern of alcohol use that ranges from mild to severe and encompasses conditions that people refer to as alcohol addiction or dependence. This disorder involves problems controlling drinking and continuing to drink even when it causes problems. To address alcohol use disorder, a comprehensive assessment in Ontario is needed to determine the right treatment plan.

Here, we break down the risk factors for alcohol use disorder:

  • Drinking at an early age.
    Individuals who start drinking at an early age are at a higher risk of developing alcohol use disorder. This includes binge drinking from adolescence into adulthood. Underage drinking can also cause problems at school and affect one’s mental health.
  • The presence of health problems.
    It is common for individuals with depression or anxiety disorders to have problems with addiction. Since alcohol and mental wellness are closely linked, some people may drink to relieve their symptoms. Interventions are necessary to prevent further damage.
  • Family history of alcohol use.
    The risk of alcohol use disorder is much higher for individuals who have a parent or close family member who has problems with alcohol. In some cases, this may be influenced by genetic factors.
  • Other social and cultural factors.
    The people that we surround ourselves with – such as a significant other or group of friends – can affect our decision-making when it comes to alcohol use. The glamorous portrayal of drinking in the media can also send the message that excessive drinking is acceptable, especially for younger people.
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