How Drug Addiction Affects Families


Substance abuse disorders ruined many lives. It affects people’s brains and behavior to the point where they can no longer control the use of illegal (and legal) drugs, even when they know its negative effects. It causes the following problems within the family:

  • Financial burdens
    Drug addiction causes people to lose their hard-earned money. The craving is so intense that they are willing to give up everything, including properties, to buy addictive substances. Some would even steal and sell household items and other people’s personal belongings when they can’t afford drugs, only to satisfy their addiction.
  • Relationship gaps and broken families
    Family members would try to help a loved one recover from addiction. But sometimes, meddling with their affairs triggers unwanted behaviors, such as fury and aggressiveness, which may lead to assault. Spouses may also leave their partners when life becomes endangered. And the sad part of it is a broken family for children — a family which is supposed to protect and nurture them.
  • Mistrust and trauma
    Because of the constant lying, stealing, and wasting of money, family members develop mistrust. And as children see the effects of drug abuse in their family, it becomes traumatic, especially when they witness adults fighting and being victims of abuse themselves.

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