Why the First Step is Always the Hardest


Drug Addiction should not be brushed aside; because it is a chronic disease it poses a grave and imminent threat not just to the patient but to the people around him. We’ve seen too many homes and lives wrecked because of substance abuse and the person’s mental health is greatly affected.

Despite knowing the harms of getting addicted to drugs why do people living with addiction fear or hesitate to seek treatments and help from Medical professionals?

One of the things that prevent individuals from getting the necessary Interventions is the stigma that is being built around it. Drug-dependent users are usually labeled as hopeless cases, and this affects opportunities for them in different situations like discrimination at work.  Other causes include affordability, accessibility, and their refusal to acknowledge that their problem is severe.

Our Addiction Treatment in Hamilton, Ontario ensures that we talk with our clients about different treatment options available that would suit their budget and is easily accessible to them, however, what we find difficult is extending help to those who do not seek it in the first place.

It’s not easy for a person to decide to stop taking drugs, and when he finally decides to do it, it won’t happen overnight, especially since there could be withdrawal symptoms. What we can do, is be there for our loved ones and constantly offer support and maybe even raise awareness of the stigma that people with substance abuse disorders experience.

Fresh Start Clinic has a plethora of innovative services like smoking cessation and Comprehensive Assessment in Ontario to help you and your loved ones fight the battle and to raise awareness.

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