How Substance Abuse Affects Mental Health


It should not come off as a surprise that drug addiction and poor mental health are closely intertwined because the latter could cause the other and vice versa, and both may even simultaneously occur. Most people with bad Mental Health would turn to any form of treatment to get that temporary relief no matter how detrimental it is to their health in the long run.

A common example of what leads to Drug Addiction is Teenagers who come from a toxic home environment; It usually begins with curiosity or peer pressure, and once they get that euphoric feeling and arrive at a state where they momentarily forget their problems, using drugs could become a habit.

Test results in our Comprehensive Assessment in Ontario have shown that individuals who are suffering from Substance Abuse Disorders are more likely to experience bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety disorder, PSTD, and eating disorders to name a few. Being dependent on substances affects the brain, and the effects vary on the drugs a person is taking. Some common drugs include cocaine which could trigger psychosis and schizophrenia while ecstasy induces memory problems. 

Without timely Interventions from professionals, things could only get worse. Substance abuse that goes untreated will result in long-term damage, not just to your mental health as it begins to affect your major organs.

Our Addiction Treatment in Hamilton, Ontario aims to prevent individuals from spiraling down into a stage where recovery can no longer be possible. Fresh Start Clinic is here to provide you with different treatments so you can get back on your feet.

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