Hepatitis C and Substance Abuse Disorder


Hepatitis C is a liver infection caused by the Hepatitis C virus. Anyone who had blood contact with an infected person is likely to get the disease. While it can be infectious in the short term, some may develop a chronic or lifelong infection which may complicate liver damage, failure, and cancer. When you experience throwing up, upset stomach, dark urine, grey-colored stool, joint pain, and yellow skin and eyes, get a comprehensive assessment in Ontario to know your status.

According to the CDC, people who have a drug addiction and inject them have a higher risk of getting Hepatitis C through the following:

  • Needles & Syringes
    Victims of substance abuse disorders sometimes share and reuse needles and syringes. The infected person’s blood is retained and worse, shared.
  • Preparation Equipment
    During the drug preparation, you should also be prepared to get vulnerable to getting the disease. Contamination of the equipment used is of high probability.
  • Surfaces
    Six weeks – that is how long the Hepatitis C virus can survive on dry surfaces and equipment. If you have ever injected drugs, get tested immediately for early interventions.
  • Fingers
    It is easy to manipulate things through our fingers. But the infected blood can easily make its way to others through our fingers. From contaminating the area and equipment to spreading them to others, your fingers can be a deadly carrier of the virus.

Addiction to drugs is detrimental to your overall health; Hepatitis C is only one of the many risks of substance abuse. Get the help you need by undergoing addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario. A single step can protect you a thousand fold. Contact Fresh Start Clinic now and let your journey to better lives begin.

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