Substance Abuse Disorder and Your Mental Health


Dealing with mental health issues is never easy. You feel trapped, lost, empty, depressed, and all other self-limiting emotions. There are various interventions for people to regain their well-being, but some fall victim to substance abuse disorders. They turn to drugs as their medication. Drug addiction and an unstable mind are toxic combinations. It interferes with your relationship and deteriorates your well-being over time. It is for this reason that Fresh Start Clinic exists. We aid you in getting better lives through our innovative and comprehensive services.

  • Mental Health
    The core of our mental health services is the heart to listen. Our experts will be all ears as you pour your hearts out – no judgment. During the process, they perform a comprehensive assessment in Ontario to identify the root cause of your problem and the treatment programs best suited to your condition.
  • Substance Abuse
    We cannot guarantee that the journey to recovery will be easy. But we can only promise one thing – we will be with you throughout the process of addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario. Nothing makes us more fulfilled than seeing you get free from the shackles of addiction and restore the better version of you.
  • Community Partners
    You are not alone in your voyage to becoming better. We work hand-in-hand with various organizations to achieve your goal on top of online consultations and well-being and recovery support programs.

If you are ready to take that first step to heal from , you are cordially welcome in our midst. Reach out.

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