How to Prevent Addiction Relapse


Overcoming addiction requires professional interventions from experts, as well as strong support from friends and family. However, there comes a point where we lose self-restraint. Without the correct techniques and treatment, one can be prone to relapsing and falling back into addiction, which may or may not worsen their healing the second time around.

Thus, it is important to learn relapse prevention skills. Substance abuse disorders require the guiding hand of an expert for individuals to feel safe and supported. Learning to live a joyful life in recovery requires relapse-prevention skills. One day at a time, one can learn to put these coping skills into practice in order to avoid relapse and live a life beyond their greatest expectations. Recovery from alcohol or other substances is a human development process with developmental milestones. Relapse is possible at any level of recovery, making relapse prevention strategies extremely important to know and comprehend.

It is important for individuals to receive a comprehensive assessment in Ontario should the risk of relapsing arise.

Self-care is one major example. Studies show that insomnia is one of the most common experiences for people experiencing withdrawal. As such, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and exercise. Next is the HALT method, which stands for hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. If a recovering person is craving to use, they can ask themselves whether they are experiencing any of the mentioned feelings. Meditation, joining a support group, learning your triggers, breathing exercises, grounding techniques, and creating an emergency list is also ideal.

Fresh Start Clinic offers addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario, with the aim of guiding individuals through their recovery. To learn more, please dial 1-866-840-7474.

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