Learning How to Ignore and Prevent Substance Abuse


Drug addiction is an illness that affects a person’s brain and behavior, resulting in an inability to manage the use of a legal or illegal drug or medicine. When you’re hooked, you may continue to use the drug despite the consequences. Addiction can begin with the trial use of a recreational drug in social contexts, and for some people, it progresses to more frequent use. People, particularly those addicted to opioids, become addicted to drugs when they consume prescribed medications or receive them from others who have prescriptions.

Thus, it is imperative to strictly follow your prescription to avoid self-medication. Not only will this provide interventions to prevent addiction, but it can also ensure that you get to undergo proper treatment. Identifying the causes of addiction and learning how to prevent it is also important, especially for young people.

Addiction often starts by using drugs for recreational purposes, submitting to peer pressure, and seeking out intoxication every time you use. Because of this, younger people should be provided a comprehensive assessment in Ontario as early as possible.

Seeking help for mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression, is also important. A professional will provide you with healthy coping skills to alleviate your symptoms without turning to drugs and alcohol. In addition to that, examine risk factors, such as family history. Several studies have shown that addiction tends to run in the family, but can be prevented. The more you are aware of your biological, environmental, and physical risk factors the more likely you are to overcome them.

Fresh Start Clinic suggests living a balanced lifestyle in order to prevent addiction. Our addiction treatment in Hamilton, Ontario, provides you with the proper resources to seek professional attention. To learn more, dial 1-866-840-7474.

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